Scuderia Sideboard


Sideboard in boxwood (really valuable wood) with inner chest of drawers, was designed to Carlo Scarpa for Bernini in the 1977. It is an excellent item to Italian handcraft.
The name” Scuderia” because the handle was meant to be made of horsehair. Then Scarpa, convinced that it would be difficult to find the raw material, opted for Boxwood.
It is lavish in precious details and special working techniques; they enhance Scarpa’s deep culture for traditional materials. He is able to transform technical problems into finishes such as dividing the pieces into elements and for easier handling (the item consists of two elements) with metal plates bearing the Bernini brand and the use of virtuously crafted ingots.

Designer:Carlo Scarpa
Year:circa 1977
Contry:Europe, Italy
Condition:EXCELLENT. Brand new.
70' original production.
All elements are original; no restoration.


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