Traccia Nesting Table


“Traccia” side table was designed by Meret Oppenheim in the 1936.
in the 70′ Dino Gavina, the owner of SImon International company, decided to create ” Ultramobile 1971″ collection.
The mission of this collection was to put in our houses art.
For this reason the items of “Ultramobile 1971” collection are between art and design. They are like sculpture in our homes.
“Traccia” side table is part of this collection with others seven items designed by different artist like Man Ray, Novello Finotti, Brancusi, Sebastian Matta,…
It has a wood top covered by gold leaf and two legs in bronze.

Designer:Meret Oppenheim
Year:circa 1975
Contry:Europe, Italy
Materials:Gold Leaf, Wood and Bronze
Condition:Brand new.
80' original production.
All elements are original; no restoration.
Small damage: edge of top ; botton legs


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